Raven Project Metals Ltd was formed as Raven Project Management in October 1994 and changed its name in 2003 to Raven Project Metals Ltd. Over the period it has had a steady growth in orders and turnover. In our 1st year turnover was £240,000 and this has rose to over £1.2m currently.


We offer a personal service with the same contact from start to finish. Mark Crumbie is both owner and manager of Raven Project Metals Ltd and has a vested interest in ensuring that our clients are well looked after, both in quality and service.

Our web site shows a fraction of what we offer as a company. In it we list some of our contracts and naturally we have listed the largest, but we have no minimum charge and can therefore be competitive across the board.


Top - Central Building Exchange-Milton Keynes
Middle - rail return, Oceanic House, London
Lower - 'Crystal Palace' Beirut, Lebanon